Thought No.3

Sometimes like right now, I stay quiet and reflect …

on things I did,
on things I thought of,
on views,
on dreams,
on plans,
on people,
on opinions,
on how i see the world,
on how i saw it,
on how i want to see it in the future,
and on how i can get to it,

and ultimately
on fear.

„But this fear evaporates when we understand that our life stories and the history of the world were written by the same hand.”

A quote in paulo coelho’s the alchemist.
A quote that makes me stay on the ground when anxiety hits too hard again.
A thought that fills me up with hope and faith and trust and suprisingly, strength.

That anything which is meant to happen will happen anyway – beyond our actions.

– maktup –
A word that appears a few times in the book and sums up all of it.
It’s Arabic and means as much as „it’s written“.

But personally I like it with the addition „from the same hand“.
I guess that it makes clear that as a human being there are things you have the power of and that there are certain things out of your control.

I mean, you are just a human being and, in my opinion it’s all about balance.
Knowing that you can do everything but you don’t have to.
As well as that there are bounds and things you simply can’t take control of
because of destiny, circumstances, fate, coincidence – call it whatever you want.

I guess life if about the perfect amount of letting go and holding on,
about knowing and understanding your existence,
and faith and trust that what happens was always meant to happen.
And by accepting this to learn your lessons and to change your perspective which is quite more important than we think it is.
Sometimes life appears different by just a change of perspective, making problems blessings, making hard ships lessons, and making us understand who we are and giving us hints what we expect our lives to be.